Author, Researcher, Filmmaker, Producer, and Director

Rita Jean Moran is an author, researcher, and filmmaker that specializes in telling the stories that come from history, mystery, and the paranormal that are hidden from the public.  Much of her work is based on actual events and research she has done.  She has completed years of research into cultures, mythologies, legends, and folklore and she has created several book series including The Library Kids , Hidden Human Story , and Tales from the Mysterious Side to pass on the knowledge of her research. Hi, I’m Rita Jean Moran and I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself.  I’ve always enjoyed studying ancient cultures, legends, folklore, and mythology and have observed that most ancient stories/mythologies/legends/folklore are very similar across all cultures including stories of floods and giants and little people. I visit many of the places I write about. The cover art of many of my books includes my own photography.  I began writing screenplays years ago, but found it di