Author, Researcher, Filmmaker, Producer, and Director

Hi, I’m Rita Jean Moran and I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself.  I’ve always enjoyed studying ancient cultures, legends, folklore, and mythology and have observed that most ancient stories/mythologies/legends/folklore are very similar across all cultures including stories of floods and giants and little people. I visit many of the places I write about. The cover art of many of my books includes my own photography.  I began writing screenplays years ago, but found it difficult to break into Hollywood at the time even after optioning a screenplay, twice. My interest in researching and writing never died and I realized that books were also a great vehicle to share my stories and research and so I moved on to books. After visiting caves in Texas and Wisconsin, an idea was born inside my mind.  It started out as a set of children’s books and then it blossomed into finding what I believe is a true and factual story that has never been told.  My first set