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Rita Jean Moran is an author, researcher, and filmmaker that specializes in the the mystery of the Lovelock Cave Giants, the Mound Builders, and the Hidden Human Story theory that connects all mythologies to modern day religions and a family known as the Cronides. Rita has termed this theory as her Mythological Unification Theory (M.U.T.).  She researches cryptids, giants, the UFO phenomenon, and the paranormal and examines how these subjects relate to mythology, legends, and folklore.  She also writes about modern day hidden history.

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Hi, I’m Rita Jean Moran and I am one of the few women let alone  people involved in research/presentation of alternative hidden history and planetary mystery.  I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. I’ve always enjoyed studying ancient cultures, legends, folklore, and mythology and have observed that most ancient stories/mythologies/legends/folklore are very similar across all cultures including stories of floods and giants and little people.

I visit many of the places I write about. The cover art of many of my books includes my own photography.  I began writing screenplays years ago, but found it difficult to break into Hollywood at the time even after optioning a screenplay, twice. My interest in researching and writing never died and I realized that books were also a great vehicle to share my stories and research and so I moved on to books.

After visiting caves in Texas and Wisconsin, an idea was born inside my mind.  It started out as a set of children’s books and then it blossomed into finding what I believe is a true and factual story that has never been told.  My first set of books were for children and was titled, The Library Kids

Due to my research into mythology for this series, I began to study a library out of Harvard University known as the Loeb Library. From there I discovered the story of a family that changed the world.  I call this family the Cronides. I believe this family existed over 12,000 to 25,000 years ago and that they traveled the world to civilize it. I wrote the series, Hidden Human Story, about this family.

As I continued to research and write, I stumbled into a hidden human story that connects all mythologies and modern day religions.  I call this my, Mythological Unification Theory.   I have also created a series titled, Tales from the Mysterious Side, that delves into the paranormal and paranormal experiences that I have experienced in my life and while out in the field. 

After writing over thirty books and multiple screenplays, I moved on to filmmaking as the industry has opened up to independent filmmakers like myself.  I currently have one full-length feature film and a documentary available for rent/purchase and plan for more films and documentaries.

Currently, I am fully exploring the paranormal and the tale of the genocide of red haired people (some say giants) at Lovelock Cave, Nevada that has been hidden as well as the numerous amounts of giant skeletons found all over the Americas. 

In addition to my books, I maintain several blogs. Here is a list of them:


The Library Kids is a middle grade (ages 8 to 12 and up) book series about a group of children who find a secret, magical library inside the Cave of the Blue Mounds that has the entire history and knowledge of the Earth in the past, present and future. The children can go back in time and meet famous people from the past and travel to any part around the world. However, the children will end up with a mission at the end of the first book. Their mission will be that they must battle the seven Enemies of the Library and defeat the Dark Master that the Enemies answer to. To do this, they must travel around the world to ancient sites and collect a set of twelve crystals that when put together will make a prison for the Dark Master. The children will travel to ancient sites in America, Mexico, Peru, Ireland, Egypt, India, Tibet and Australia throughout the seven book series. There will be some American history as well as ancient mythology, folklore and legend in each book. This series is sure to captivate the middle grade audience as well as adults.  Many of the places that are mentioned in the books, are real places and can be visited as well. Please refer to the www.thelibrarykids.com website.

The Hidden Human Story series includes fifteen books. This series summarizes years of study and utilizes ancient writings from Nordic, Celtic, Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian, Roman, Phoenician, and Greek scholars to determine that a family related by bloodline traveled the world over 12,000 years ago to civilize it. These books unfold the story of this family that changed the world. This family is the Cronide bloodline and they and their people were referred to as the Atlantians by the ancient Greek scholar Diodorus Siculus. They globally traveled to civilize the world and their teachings and symbolism are everywhere. It is my theory that almost all ancient mythologies and current Abrahamic religions are about them.  The Lovelock Cave Mystery, is about the tale of the red haired people who were said to number over 2600 that were exterminated in Ancient Nevada by the Pauite.  

The research is ongoing for this story and the book puts a lot of new information out that no one has covered regarding this genocide and possible connections to other Caucasoid races in Ancient America that the establishment wants to hide so badly. Please refer to www.hiddenhumanstory.com for more information. 

My latest book series titled, Tales from the Mysterious Side, is a mystery series that looks at the stories of hauntings, the occult, historical figures, cryptids, and more so that we may all understand the world around us.  Many of the stories in the series are based on actual events.  Some stories are fictional but are based on historical events as well.  

Please refer to www.talesfromthemysteriousside.com for more information.  This series was started due to some of the paranormal experiences I've had in life and while out in the field. 

All books are available for purchase on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.  Alternative offerings will be available.  Movies/Films are available for rent/purchase on Gumroad.

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Rita Jean Moran is an author, researcher, and filmmaker that specializes in telling the stories that come from history, mystery, and the par...