"Burnt offerings were given to the giant stature gods (food for them), then the giants died, but the sacrifices continued.  Humans went through their own cycles of rises and falls of civilizations.  The gods and goddesses were transformed into Abrahamic religions.  The priests lied to hold power and so did the royals.  Humans were distracted by bread and circus shows.  The earth went through its cycles.  The minority of scholars scraped at scraps of true history of the ancient world.  Old ships and technology were taken by small groups of men to be re-engineered and used for their own amusement.  The ages of man: gold, silver, bronze, heroes, and iron repeat.  The people are ignorant of their own past, over, and over, and over.  The cycle has begun again.  Religion and history are recycled and so are our souls" - Rita Jean Moran

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